Interesting Japanese frozen food


This time, I would like to introduce some interesting frozen foods in Japan. please look at this photo.
Frozen food can be eaten as a real bento just by heating it in the microwave for about 3 minutes.
A delicious Japanese bento that is warm and fresh.

The contents include cabbage salad, pickled eggplant, abundant vegetables such as carrots and radishes, and pork cutlet cut in half.

The pork cutlet is delicious as if it were freshly made, and in some cases, adding tartar sauce makes it as delicious as a restaurant meal.

It is also interesting that you can easily cook in the microwave.

The quality of frozen foods in Japan is very high, and I have high expectations for the newly developed delicious frozen foods in the future. It was an introduction to Japanese frozen bento that I would like everyone from overseas to taste.