【4K HDR】Japan midnight drive in downtown, Kyoto.(Night view video & beautiful landscape♪)


this is driving video in Japan. midnight drive in downtown. I wanted many people to watch Japanese drive videos due to immigration restrictions from overseas. this video is drive shot of an urban area in Kyoto,Japan. #driving #japanadventure #japantour Please enjoy the night of the drive landscape! When watching a video, please select the highest image quality in the settings. You can see a very beautiful drive video on your smartphone 🙂 my channel is a video specializing in Japan-driving! I will create various drive videos, so please subscribe to my channel! Original recommended drive video: Japan night drive around city!

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about japan: As you know, Japan is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. There are many interesting cultural spots in Japan where you can experience valuable things. The delicious food in Asia called “Japanese food” Sushi is a Japanese-specific dish that is served as it is by handling fish. Miso soup is a unique Japanese culture that is made by fermenting koji miso into soup. about kyoto: Kyoto is one of the most popular tourist spots in Japan. This time, I uploaded it as a drive video about the popular downtown Kyoto. Kyoto is famous for its traditional and old-fashioned buildings and “Maiko”. Maiko is a young woman wearing a beautiful kimono and have Shironui makeup. Maiko dances with tea or sake and the guests also help with the drink. It’s not easy to see Maiko. If you are lucky to stay in Kyoto for about a week, you may be able to see Maiko in the Gion area! Enjoy the beautiful night view of Kyoto with a YouTube video!! #japan #japan4k #kyoto #nightview #nightdrive #landscape